Grayson found a sunbeam

Gandalf sniffering the smells

Gracie... is nothing if not helpful

Momma's got a new iMac. Momma is grateful for my assistance. srsly.

Whitey is ready for mai closeup

Suspicions... they has them

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY BLOGCAST! I am posting this to our old blogger blog and to our current Wordpress blog. Google told me there was suspicious activity on mai account. I had to have them call Momma's phone to verify it was really ME trying to log in so I could comment on mai Cory Mitten Kitten's post today. And then I had to change mai password. Again.

This kind of blogger issue is why we moved back to Wordpress. We still need to keep a blogger account though... in case we have time for commenting on some of your blogs that don't allow Open ID commenting. sigh.

I decided to let this be a Public Service Announcement to all of you. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS FREQUENTLY!

Like NOW even. So you don't get hacked.

You're welcome.

Love, Whitey ♥

bye, bye blogger

we packed up all of our posts, videos, comments and moved everything over to wordpress. srsly.

this blog will self-destruct in 3...2...1.